Rinn Shrike

Half- (High) Elf Storm Sorcerer 4/Rogue 1. Neutral Good. Urchin background. 


Rinn is tall and lanky, though he usually slouches, trying to make himself look shorter. His black, shaggy hair often gets into his face, purposely obscuring his vivid purple eyes. His hair also helps to cover his ears, helping to hide his elven heritage.
He usually wears dark colors, rusty blacks, browns, greys, the clothes worn and mended. The one bit of color he has on is a dark red bandana tied around his neck. Rinn often has the hood of his tattered cloak up, keeping his face further in the shadows. A pair of daggers hang from his belt, one on each hip, along with a couple of pouches. Half hidden by the cuffs of his shirt sleeves are two tarnished copper bracelets, one on each wrist, turning the dusky skin underneath a faint green.

(Luke Pasqualino actually has the best look for Rinn- just imagine the half-elf pointed ears, and violet eyes. And a little less scruff at the moment!)