Rinn Starts Writing Letters

24 Sydenstar (Dal’esen) 845 PD 

Otel – 

I can see why the Outside the Wall teams at the Take never complain of being bored. Things have been interesting on this trip so far, with the cursed Luxon necklace and hydra lake only being the beginning.  We have been lucky so far and everyone is fine. 

So apparently not only were things kept under Vasselheim to keep them safe or away from people – objects and items. But creatures were as well, to be studied? From far away places? (Here are a couple of rough sketches of the Ettercaps and monster bipedal frog.) Tamari recognized the first things as from Xhorhas area. We have no idea on the last, there was only one of it. These things had attacked and captured a gold deer, sacred to the Wildmother. The deer had been keeping the lands around one person’s farm safe and good, but when we were here it was all out of season- spring flowers instead of the right ones for now. I am still not sure if this was because the deer was injured, or if this was further time fuck-up caused by the Vasselheim explosion. Maybe some of both?

We ran into some centaurs who were also fighting the creatures, and together managed to deal with them and rescue the deer, which they had captured. The frog looking one also had a necklace with an eye in it. Stubby says it is a Hag’s Eye, and that hags will often have other creatures working for them. We will watch for such things. 

The next day, the whole area was back to normal, or what should be normal here for this time of year- the right flowers.

Also a note, centaurs are really arrogant. But at least they trusted Fisch right from the start. And it’s interesting what people say if they don’t think you speak the language!


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