Rinn Starts Writing Letters

Sydenstar 22, 845 (Session 30)

Saphy –

(Saphy’s first letter is going to start out a page of notes- scribbled and haphazard, yes- then halfway down the page-) Alright, maybe I should send this to you, Saphy. You don’t have anything written here, so what the hell do you think they mean by __? It seems like- (And he’ll be off. And the notes get a bit more coherent when he’s directing them at someone.)

(That first letter will finish off something like) I can probably send this back with someone from Fort Victor, they will have someone going to New Vasselheim Volgograd soon enough, if only to update them about the portal to the plane of water in that lake, with the hydra and naiads. And the giant crab, but we did not tell the people at Fort Victor about it him, so please don’t mention him. I don’t know if you have any answers or thoughts about what I wrote above, and any letters probably won’t catch up to us. But if they let you send stuff through the tree to Whitestone, I might be able to get it there. I will probably have more on the next part, if that is alright. 

-R. Shrike

PS You and Otel will probably be having to talk to a bunch of new people about other lives. Apparently something went weird with a cursed necklace that made a bunch of people with past lives by your Luxon thing crazy? Like it broke them? But I think Tamarai fixed it, since they are not crazy or cursed now. They mostly seem good, just got fucked up by it all. We will send more back if we find them. 


Vanya – 

So it seems you did pretty good as Ryo helping people out here, but things are still fucked up. I don’t know what the guard or the rangers are still doing, but they need to get more regular communications going back and forth. Maybe see if the druids are willing to send messages as they are doing to and from Whitestone, or if someone else can figure something out, if people actually traveling back and forth with mail and information is too dangerous. But if they are still dragging you into political bullshit stuff, as Ryo you were keeping some of these places in the loop with help, maybe you can still do it? I know things in New Vass Volgograd are still fucked up, but they need to remember to include these places in the un-fucking as well. 

We are telling people what happened, so at least they are getting truer accounts rather than rumors and speculations. And it does seem that the literal fall out from Old Vasselheim went really far. We have found a couple of things that may have been blown out from the city even this far. So even if there aren’t much in the way of actual things to send these towns and forts for help, if there are people who know about odd things and how to handle them, if they can come out and teach, maybe that will help? I will mention this to Otel at the Take as well. There will be people heading back to Volgograd from here, I will send this back with them. 

Hope things aren’t being too screwed up putting together a republic. 

-R. Shrike

Otel – 

So I do not know how common it is for you to find those people who have other lives and are trying to remember them, but we found a few of them Balrovo. Apparently they were fucked up by a curse in a necklace that broke things about their lives? And also made them look like ghasts and ghouls, though the were- boar was still himself. But it was making them crazy trying to deal with it. Tamarai was able to do something to break the curse on the necklace, and fix things somehow. And the curse went away, so now the people who were ghouls and ghasts are back to normal people. But they are still going to need help with the other past lives thing, so they will be heading back to New V Volgograd. You and Saphy will be able to help them. If we find any others we will send them back to Volgograd as well. Things are fucked up at Fort Victor, though they say that everyone here has problems, and that they are here because nothing is supposed to happen here? Except things did. There’s a lake here that was NOT on the map. It used to be a crater, and Melvin forgot to put even THAT on this map as well. (I will send the map back when we reach Pyrah with the fixes on it.) But recently it suddenly became a lake. And there are fae in it. (Friendly. Maybe magically too friendly, but they are friendly.) (Rinn would include a sketch of one of the Naiads on the back of the letter, plus a hydra head, and the crab.) People were fishing in it, they had a deal with the fae, and things were fine until something started attacking. There was a hydra in the lake that wasn’t there before. Under the water was some sort of built portal thing to the plane of water. That is where the water came from, and all the fish (ones that should not be here, Fisch says), the naiads, the giant crab which had been friendly for a while, and then the hydra recently. Killed many of the naiads.

We were able to kill the hydra with Lorisa’s help. (She leads the naiads.) She said the crab got crabby once the hydra arrived, so we managed to talk to it and it did not attack us while we figured out the portal. Tamarai managed to make it collapse blow up fall apart and down the opposite of blow up, it is gone now. The naiads seem to want to work with the people at Fort Victor, and the crab should not be a problem any more. But the naiads can go out of the water, and they hydra could have, so maybe other things could have come through that portal from wherever and left the lake? I do not know, but that may be something to watch for. The people at Fort Victor do not know how to handle such things. I know there are not many supplies or things in Volgograd, and things are still being fixed up from the whole damn thing with the Empress and the revolution. But if there is anyone from the Take that knows about odd things and how to handle them, if they can come out and see about teaching things? The people here say they are here because they are fucked up, and because nothing is supposed to happen here, but something did. And people can do things, they just need to find out what they are best at and do that. The Take is good about taking in odd people and finding what they are best at and how to do it. The people here need someone like that as well. I don’t know how someone can teach that, but maybe someone can. They will be sending someone to let people know what happened, so I will send this letter back with them. I do not know if there is anything you or the Take can do, but at least you know what is happening. (You at least know you need to have a price for a hydra!) 

Who knows what else we may run into? If we find any more people with past lives, we will send them back as well. 

-R. Shrike

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