Rinn Starts Writing Letters

24 Sydenstar (Dal’esen) 845 PD  Otel –  I can see why the Outside the Wall teams at the Take never complain of being bored. Things have been interesting on this trip so far, with the cursed Luxon necklace and hydra lake only being the beginning.  We have been lucky so far and everyone is fine. … Continue reading Rinn Starts Writing Letters

Rinn Starts Writing Letters

Sydenstar 22, 845 (Session 30) Saphy – (Saphy’s first letter is going to start out a page of notes- scribbled and haphazard, yes- then halfway down the page-) Alright, maybe I should send this to you, Saphy. You don’t have anything written here, so what the hell do you think they mean by __? It… Continue reading Rinn Starts Writing Letters

Rinn Shrike

Half- (High) Elf Storm Sorcerer 4/Rogue 1. Neutral Good. Urchin background.  Description:  Rinn is tall and lanky, though he usually slouches, trying to make himself look shorter. His black, shaggy hair often gets into his face, purposely obscuring his vivid purple eyes. His hair also helps to cover his ears, helping to hide his elven… Continue reading Rinn Shrike

The Take Notebook

In Session 14, Otel asked Rinn to note any monsters seen in Old Vasselheim so the Slayer’s Take would know what sort of contracts they can accept for hunting up there. He also gave Rinn an old map of the city to update as they explored. Rinn has been doing both, and here are pages… Continue reading The Take Notebook

Game Calender

For Chapter 2 of the Yeeted and Yoinked Game Session dates and In Character Interactions are kept track of here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QF_Hk8S6wEZg9biNEP2lOh-Bak-FspIb7YEFWjf6QhE/edit?usp=sharing