Session 30 The Newborn Lake: (Rinn 22: Mapmakers LIE)

(21) 22 Sydenstar (Yulisen) 845 PD

The evening in Balrovo on the 21st, Stubby does a stone call home, and after chatting with her father and Keyleth for a bit, asks for Wolfe and gets him to kick the others out for a bit of teenage gossip. “Rinn kissed me! Shh don’t say anything.” “What? He’s kind of cute in a rough way. Wow. Is this your- no, you’ve dated before.”

Wolfe also gets Stubby up to date on family gossip. He and his twin Leona have their own adventuring group, though Vex gets upset if they are gone from home for too long. Name of the group is the Iron Scorpions. He’s been taking after their mother, while Leona is more like Vax. They recently got back from Aeor, north of Wildemont. Leona also has a girlfriend- one of Allura’s students. Wolfe thinks they are adorable together. Vesper has been running the household, married to a fellow from Xhorhas and apparently even the Bright Queen approves of the union. They have two kids, Izrel and Vex the second. 

Their brother Vax (nicknamed Vax’ildeux) is partnered with an Awakened Bear named Charlie, and is part of the Whitestone Ursine brigade. (Though Vax II takes more after Percy as a tinkerer/fighter.) 

Their sister Gwen is a cleric of Pelor, and often goes on trips/adventures with their mother. There’s also a quick rundown of a few of Stubby’s exes, one of them came back to town with the idea of stirring up trouble, but some of her old friends (who have now formed an adventuring party as well) dealt with him. 

Pike and Scanlan got divorced, but it’s amicable. Grog won some big fighting contest (no surprise). Trinket is doing fine. Things have moved on from what Stubby remembered from five years ago, but in good ways. 

Wolfe pries a bit, reassuring Stubby that things will remain between the two of them, and asks how she’s doing. She says that she is fine, but can’t wait to get home. Hopefully Pyrah will be able to get her there. So far the Teleport by Tree thing still isn’t working much in the region around Old Vasselheim, two days travel is about the max one can ‘travel’ with it before it starts going wonky. Their aunt Keyleth is still upset that it’s not working. (And apparently dunamancy went wonky five years ago, which Wolfe knows about thanks to Vesper’s husband.)

They wrap things up with Wolfe hoping that Stubby might help him convince their parents to let him and his group have control of an old keep their family owns but doesn’t use. There’s ‘vitual’ hugs and goodbyes before the stone powers down.

The group enjoys their time at the inn in Balrovo, which has hot springs that the whole town enjoys. It is customary to have a good soak, THEN go get dinner while wearing one of the robes provided by the inn. However, only Tāmarai and Fisch follow this custom (with robes found that fit the bear), Stubby and Rinn prefer to have their normal clothes on while in public.

(to be continued!)

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