Session 13.5 Light (In character interaction)

25 Brussendar (Yulisen/Friday) 845 PD

The three of them have settled into a bit of a routine, still learning the others’ habits. This day is pretty usual, Tāmarai practicing dancing, now doing calligraphy (business cards), and Stubby tinkering. And Rinn has gotten roped into being an ‘audio book’, reading aloud one of the books thawed out from the dragon hoard. 

(He’s gotten more comfortable doing so, and now at the point where he is adding his own commentary on occasion.)

It’s evening, and the sun is setting. Even though all three of them can technically see in the dark, that sort of vision does not work well for the fine detail vision needed for their various activities. While the other two can stop, Stubby is in the middle of a delicate part, and needs to finish. While Tāmarai is heading off to see if she can find some candles, Rinn takes a risk, and casts Light on a stone he picked up from the garden. He’s still nervous about doing any sort of magic in front of others, and still is expecting some sort of censure- but it’s warmly welcomed and commented on.

(He also finally learns that his eyes glow when he does magic- a fact that he was unaware of until now!)

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