Session 13.5 Finances (In character interaction)

26 Brussendar (Da’lesen/Saturday) 845 PD

After Rinn takes off for the day, Tāmarai corners Stubby for a very important discussion: Finances. Figuring that Flora and Jerimiah (previous companions) probably will not return, what split of the loot from the White Dragon’s hoard in Draconia would have been theirs should be dismissed. (They have no way of giving it to them.) However, Bob and Tunk will hopefully return, so they should factor in and save their cut of the monies earned from the items.

But going forwards, Tāmarai would like Rinn to stay with them, and figures sharing any future earnings with him should keep him with them. Does Stubby agree? Stubby does, (being very glad that Rinn didn’t turn out to be evil.) Tāmarai is also figuring on putting one ‘share’ (no matter how many people in the group) as part of a general savings fund. 

Stubby admires Tāmarai’s skill with figuring and numbers, and Tāmarai says that all members of her House are trained in it, as part of keeping their accounts accurate, which leads to a discussion (again) as to how much Tāmarai owes for her schooling and training. Stubby’s still not happy about this state of affairs, but she avoids any ‘discussion’ on the matter, and they make a few more plans for their new group of adventurers.

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