Session 13.5 Raven Queen Temple (In character interaction)

27 Brussendar (Miresen/Sunday) 845 PD

Rinn runs into Stubby over in Westways (temple district) on her way to New Raven’s Crest, the Raven Queen temple in New Vasselheim. This works out for him to ‘meet’ her uncle, something better explained in the temple where it would be harder to be overheard, so she drags him along. 

They go into one of the courtyards in the back, where (normal?) ravens hang out. Stubby brought her own lunch, which she shares with Rinn, and a fish to give to the ravens. She talks about her uncle Vax while they watch the ravens enjoy their food, (including the ‘Old Man’, an older, wiser raven the others defer to). Stubby pulls out the small automated magpie she’s been working on to show them, and starts explaining a bit of it to Rinn. 

This leads her to asking him about his own magic, and how he learned it. He’s not used to talking about it, but finally admits he’s had to try to figure it out all on his own, seeing it as something to work on controlling, more than anything- and pushes up a sleeve just enough to show her one of the copper ‘bracelets’ he wears, tight and snug on his wrist (and turning the skin a bit green), both focus and containment. She both sympathizes and understands, and takes off her own gauntlet, showing him the scars on her arm from magical mistakes and accidents as well. She was worried her parents would stop her from working and experimenting, with the things that happened, but Rinn points out that she kept continuing anyways, and that she’s brave for doing so. 

Stubby says there’s a lot they can learn from the other in future- the trip to Old Vasselheim that they’re preparing for. They pick up their stuff and start heading off, Stubby running off to talk to one of the acolytes about something for a moment. Rinn slips off to one of the memorial alcoves, and lights a candle for someone, before slipping back out to meet up with Stubby at the entrance to the temple.

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