The Take Notebook

In Session 14, Otel asked Rinn to note any monsters seen in Old Vasselheim so the Slayer’s Take would know what sort of contracts they can accept for hunting up there. He also gave Rinn an old map of the city to update as they explored. Rinn has been doing both, and here are pages from the Take notebook he’s been keeping track of their encounters in.

He can actually draw pretty decently.


(Rinn’s handwriting is based on Sütterlin, an old German Script. Translations of his writing are found beneath each page.)


Rinn Shrike / 845 Brssndr (abbreviated ‘Brussendar’) 29 / Between New and Old Vasselheim and Inside the City


Brssndr 30 / Late Afternoon / Forest Border / K. – butchered

Many little teeth / no poison / Over 6ft / Giant Snake

Just inside Vesper Woods, past shrine. Two, either side of path. Attack not co-ordinated. Bite and tried to strangle. Both killed, butchered, hides, teeth and meat taken.


Brssndr 31 – Sydnstr (abbreviated Sydenstar) 1 / Morning – Again / Vesper Woods – outside city / Friendly – Guide

Bear / Fisch / Story of 7 Fishes

The bears up here can talk? –More– They talk, build, —-> read and write / worship Melora, who taught them to talk. It happened after the city blew up. They have clerics, working on cleaning city. Do Not Hunt.


Sydnstr 1 / Late Morning / Inside City / K. – disposed

Brain Rats – Five

Give away attack by shouting. Can talk, no reasoning. Charged straight for us. Easy kill. Guess they would bite. Stained red- orange-poisoned by the magics of the explosion. Normal sized.


Notes on Old Vasselheim:

Red-orange areas are magically tainted. This applies to ground and animals. Grey ground is dead, petrified, no longer dangerous.

Many animals can speak and reason. Though if they are tainted red-orange, they cannot be reasoned with. (Not good for eating either.) Lots of rats. If brains are exposed, or rabid, kill on sight. Others know of the Take, and consider themselves alles of it.

Outside of Vasselheim: Bandits by titan. Wolves and giant deer – Moose? are also aware- they talk, thought not always in common. Older language. Allies against bandits.


Sydnstr 1 / Late Afternoon / Under one temple / Avoided

Gelatinous Cube

Found under one of the temples. Mostly non reactive, asleep? Remains it, others may have been eploring Old Vasselhiem. Some mostly minor acid burns retrieving items from it. Managed to avoid confron-tation.


Sydnstr 1 / Late Afternoon / Under one temple / Killed – 2


Was hiding up on the ceiling underground. Good at hiding, not noticed until they dropped and attacked. One created a cloud of darkness around itself, could not see through it at all. Mouth underneath with teeth.


Sydnstr 1 / Late Afternoon / Under one temple / Killed? Blasted!

Magically moving Armor

Blasted quick, not a lot of time to study. Moved quick, as if it were living.


Sylnstr 2 / Early Morning / by Forge / Killed

Slaad Red

Giant frog type thing. Spoke in head. Not hurt much by thunder or lighting. Puts eggs in wounds? Can remove, thankfully! Cannot survive high falls.

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